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Stout Advice: Dependence

Dependence is a great thing but often can be associated as a negative word. One of the most important stages of growth for a human is the state of dependence, when you realize you are only one person. When you try to live life by yourself, you can get broken down by adversity. When you depend on people, it creates humility. Learning to depend on people leads to a whole new growth process. It refines you into a better version of yourself. We were meant to live life as teams, not live by ourselves. We are meant to have relationships.

Action items:

  1. Identify times when you were dependent.
  2. What was the outcome of your dependence?


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Stout Advice: Joy

Happiness is based on your happenings, so therefore you are happy. Joy is a state of being, that regardless of your happenings you are joyful. It’s easy to get bogged down in the happenings of life. It’s important that we stay away from the “woe is me” attitude because it will only rob us of our joy. Even if you aren’t happy, you can always be joyful.

Action Items

  1. List the things that bring you joy.
  2. Put those things in a place where they’ll be top of mind.

Take time to remember the blessings in your life that bring you joy! We hope everyone has a blessed and joy-filled week!


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Stout Advise: Coachable

The Coachable Spirit is critical to being successful in life. All of us in life have moments where we aren’t coachable, but all of us need to be coachable. The coachable spirit is without question one of the number one keys to success. We all have blind spots. The only way to figure out what you don’t know is to be coachable.

Action Items:

  1. Are you being coachable?
  2. How can you be more coachable?


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    Stout Advice: Opportunity

    Learn the 3 things Logan Stout uses to evaluate opportunities.

    When it comes to creating goals, it is important to think about ways to achieve those goals through the opportunities that life presents.  Logan evaluates opportunities using the 3 factors listed below in the order listed.

    How to evaluate opportunity:

    1. Who is behind the opportunity? Consider their: Character, competency, and chemistry with you
    2. What – What is the product? Can you truly believe in the product and is it a value-add to people’s lives?
    3. Can you make money?

    Most people evaluate opportunities in the reverse order asking if they can make money first.  Never sacrifice your character or integrity for a dollar. Watch the video for additional details and be sure to share it with friends when done watching. 

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