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Stout Advice: Success

Success – Reach Your God Given Potential in Life!
Logan speaks about using the potential that God has given you to the fullest. By defining success we understand the basis and foundation of where we are suppose to go from there.


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Stout Advice: Self Talk

Self Talk – Get the right imagery in your head

Logan speaks about the images we put in our mind and the necessity to focus on the positive over the negative. If I tell you to NOT think of a black and white cow, what do you immediately imagine? Logan stresses the importance of putting the things you do want in your head over the things you don’t want.


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Stout Advice: Culture

Culture is what you are and is made up by its people. The only way to improve your culture is to improve your people. When your people are improved, your culture naturally changes.

Action Items:

  1. Watch this video
  2. Write down the different environments or cultures in which you live.
  3. Identify the culture in these groups.
  4. What can you do to add value to these cultures?

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Stout Advice: Passion

"If you’re on fire, people will drive for miles to watch you burn." – John Wesley

When you look at people who are successful in life, they’re passionate. Passion is the common denominator of success, not money. It’s not a job when you have passion for what you do. The difference between just existing and thriving is having passion for what you do.

Action Items

  1. Look at your life and ask yourself what is burning inside you…what is your passion?
  2. Make a game plan to make your passion your job. Figure out how to get paid for what you love. 

Thanks for joining us this week on Stout Advice. We hope you have a blessed week and that you are living a life full of passion!


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